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    Default ordering cheaper suboxone online

    heya ;o) i know its a longshot, but would anyone out there have any idea where to buy suboxone (with a script) online? like, cheaper than 400 bucks for 90 pills? I KNOW there must be somewhere or some way to get this medication cheaper than that for people like us who have no insurance

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    Welcome grast420!! I see on your other thread/post that "jdude" has posted. That would be a good person to get good info from.

    From my perspective, I would not worry about getting that whole amount filled anyway. You see most of us here have been down that road and it's not the road for success. Sub is where the cure is worse than the disease.

    Take time to read around this forum about Suboxone and Subutex. Listen to those that have experience with this medication not those that are in the honeymoon phase. I went through that and soon the honeymoon was over then the nightmare began.

    Good Luck to you, we have many here that will help you on your journey.

    To answer your I don't know of a place.


    "Many a false step is taken by standing still." Arnold Glasow

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    Grasta....the online pharmacy might not be the best option. IF and it's a BIG IF, you need more than the 90 pills,talk to your doc. Or you can contact Reckitt. They do have a plan to help.

    However, the doc can only have one patient on $ assistance. There are financial requirements and paper work. And you need to agree to a maintenance program of at least one year.

    Your best bet may be to call around to other pharmacies. I saved about 25% at Eckerds...but had to drive 40 minutes. You can also talk with the Pharmacist. I don't know if they'll allow it yet where you're at, but some may split the script? They may not be able to given the class of drug, they'd have to contact the doc and get a new script for each qty.

    What is your plan on taking the sub?

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    Actually that price isn't that bad for no insurance retail. Before I got smart or, eh, stupid, I was paying $8.60 per !!!


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