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    Default Suboxone Hair Drug test

    Does suboxone show up on a hair drug test , does it show up as an opiate ? please help , I just need to know if suboxone will test positive on a hair test


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    does it show positive as an opiate on a urine or a hair test ??

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    Blueyes-Unless the test is specifically looking for sub, I would say no. Psychmedics hair test does not test for bupe, at least when it was given to me a year ago. Best of luck, J

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    Last I knew the tests did not test for bupe/sub..... With the growing abuse of bupe/sub that will change. At some point in the future this "I can still use opiates and not get caught" deal will be a thing of the past.

    Just keep this in mind. If you are addicted to bupe/sub and DO not have a legit scrip for it, and or your job prohibits your using opiates *some day* you will not be able to slip by the testing. That is something to SERIOUSLY think about.

    I wonder how many pilots, MD's, Rn's, truck drivers, school bus drivers, drug councilors are on sub and if caught would loose their jobs.

    I know of a few.... Would YOU want your Pilot or surgeon, or the driver of your kids school bus to be on 24 mg of sub a day? Or have them 100% drug free?

    A lot of people have been abusing this aspect of bupe. It was one of the big "selling" points of buprenex the clinic in FLA used to help convince me I should use it.... "And it dose not show up in any standard tests for opiates, so you don't have to risk getting caught."

    If "standard" tests picked up bupe I wonder how many people would be "outed" ...

    Personally I could care less if most of the people in most of the jobs were on it.. it may be better than them NOT being on it.. But in critical jobs no freaking way. What about people who are authorized to use lethal force as part of their jobs? Enough mistakes happen with people who are clean and running at 100%. Would you want a person in that job to be on bupe holding his firearm on YOU or your KIDS!

    It's bad enough they can drink AT ALL. At least they recognize it's usage and have standards/regulations dealing with it. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh but bupe .... the sneeky drug that is not being tested for that is 30x-50x more powerful than morphine. Yep, I feel comfortable with that. NOT.

    It's time bupe was exposed and added to these standard tests.

    Granted there are a lot of STUPID reasons to test for drugs and I do feel it is a invasion of privacy, but in some circumstances there are valid reasons.

    Been there, done that, wore out the tee shirt.

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    Default Re: Suboxone Hair Drug test

    I agree that people without legit scripts should not be on suboxone. Most of these people are using it when they can't find their opiate of choice to get them through their day without harsh detox, depending how bad off they are.

    However, someone who has never had a horrible addiction with opiates, and takes suboxone will get a highly different affect from the drug. I don't know if you have ever been through an addiction, but suboxone does not get you high if you have had an addiction problem. It only relieves the detox process, and with regular maintenance, you are in full control of your mind and body.

    It is in no way like methadone for an addict. This drug actually keeps you from getting high and will through you into detox if you take other opiates along with it.

    I tend to disagree that it is 30 to 50 times more powerful than morphine unless you are abusing it and have never had an addiction problem. This drug is made for addicts who don't want to be high anymore unlike methadone, and over a period of time, this drug keeps your mind from always wanting a high, because it breaks that habit.

    I have been on suboxone for two years and never been high on it. I would say that it saved my life and I actually am doing things with it, rather than decide to go to the methadone clinic, and take a drug that is so potent that it almost took my life away.

    Yes I would trust a pilot or nurse on suboxone that was a former addict, because it does not have the same effects as it does on someone who has never used really hard opiates, it will make them high as a kite, but for someone who has had an addiction for five years, it is well known that suboxone does not get you high, and keeps you under control, but for some reason unless you have been an addict, and lived the life there is no understanding of suboxone and what it can do for a hard core addict.

    Methadone surely cannot do this. I've never seen one person come clean from methadone. However, I have seen many people come off of suboxone. I say, if it keeps you from being high and living an addicts life, then a person should take suboxone until they feel their mind is strong enough to overcome their addiction.

    I would trust a surgeon on suboxone for that matter, if he had stopped using, and only took suboxone legally after a struggle with addiction. I would much rather him in control of his body and mind, which is a great thing about suboxone.

    Remember addiction is a disease, just like diabetes, and I think it is wonderful that there is finally a way to control it without a high which is what suboxone does. So their may be small effects when coming off of it.

    I tell you it is nothing compared to coming off of oxycotin and methadone. I think that is why it does not show up in a drug test, because it does not get you high.

    This drug is only for people who have spent life with an addiction and can tolerate the medicine, and want their life in control. You would not give a non-diabetic insulin everyday.
    I don't think this drug is understood, unless someone has lived with addiction, which is sad to me, because when I decided to change my life and started taking suboxone all I had left were the clothes on my back, and now I have a normal life, and have no desire to take any drugs. I could go on forever, but I've gone from living a life that I can't remember parts of to a life that I appreciate everyday and thank God that I am able to do all the things I once loved to do.

    So my conclusion is, yes it should be on a drug test, but if it is legit than their should be no problem.

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    Default Re: Suboxone Hair Drug test

    Welcome to ODR.(Opiate DETOX and Recovery) You might read some of the posts and stickys that aren't 3 years old. You've got alot yet to experience about recovery,suboxone, and even methadone. There's a forum here full of folks that have come off it...and suboxone as well.With the determination to RECOVER.

    Btw..that diabetic needs insulin like an addict needs opiate crap is OLD. Diabetics can die without meds. Opiates fix NOTHING...just changes perceptions....sub being a very powerful opiod.

    Why Don't They Just Quit

    Godspeed in your quest.
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    You can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that caused them in the first place.

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    Default Re: Suboxone Hair Drug test

    I will say this from experience: I was sober from everything almost a year when I opted for carpal tunnel surgery. I had a local on my hand and was given 45 vicodinES, but kept 10. I took them as needed and felt nothing. No buzz...nothing. Didn't even kill the pain. Motrin was the only thing that kinda worked.
    I think we blow out our receptors with over stimulation in that regards and also, I have significant hearing loss from opiate abuse, too.
    Don't be afraid of withdrawal. The sick feeling will pass and then the real work starts: staying sober. For me, the rooms of AA were the last thing I tried and the first thing that worked, but it will only work if you work it.


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