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    Default Can you take Opiates AFTER quitting Suboxone?

    Please bear with me, I'm going to ask a lot of questions before I decide if I want to use Suboxone to get off my current (traditional opiate) Pain Medicine. My doctor is encouraging Sub not only to help WD and Detox from my current Med, which I've become completely tolerant of, and require deadly amounts to even touch my pain, but he also promises Suboxone will work to relieve my pain for the rest of my LIFE!!! [?]

    But, what if it doesn't? What if no amount of Suboxone works and my pain gets worse, then what? Do I have to then WD from the Sub, and if YES....since SUB eases Opiate WD, can Opiates, in turn, help during SUB WD? [B)] Because it sounds like WD from Suboxone ain't no picinic either!!!!

    Or what if I just decide I've had enough of these drugs and want to be completely drug free...or more likely my insurance runs out and I can't GET the Sub any longer, or for whatever reason am forced to get off the Suboxone, can I ever take regular pain meds again?

    Is so, when is it safe to take my old meds? How soon after being off the Sub can I take traditional opiates, like Vicodin, for instance?

    I also ask this because if I need surgery, how long do I need to be off SUB to get clean enough from it for the Anesthesia to work???

    Also, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere about a woman who quit pain meds by using suboxone and then ultimately was able to quite suboxone but then decided to celebrate her success by popping a few Oxys and ended up dead from overdoes because she no longer had the same Opiate tolerance as she did before the SUB. So, not knowing this, she took the same amount of whatever pills as she used to to get high. And she died.

    So does Sub also decrease your opiate tolerance?


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    "Suboxone will work to relieve my pain for the rest of my LIFE!!"

    that is absolute BS!

    Also Sub has an effect threshold and will only relieve pain to a point if you take more it will start to reverse it's self. Then you are blocked and regular opiates will be useless.. so if you get in a car accident you are in deep poo poo! (since regular opiates will not work till the sub is out of your system in 3 days or more)

    If you run out of sub after being on it you will have w/d just like regular opiates .. it;s not as physical, but is very similar and can last a LOT longer!

    Yes regular opiates will work again but only after all the sub is out of your system .. your tolerance will quickly go back up to where it is now though.

    "I also ask this because if I need surgery, how long do I need to be off SUB to get clean enough from it for the Anesthesia to work???" --- Typically 3-4 days for opiates. Anesthesia will work when on sub... it's just opiates that will not work. They can knock you out but can not manage your pain with opiates like they would normally.

    "So does Sub also decrease your opiate tolerance?" yes and no...

    Yes you will down regulate as soon as you stop full agonist opiates but only the receptor sites sub does not bind to. SO 1/2 is true. Like any drug holiday (stopping taking them) Over dose on re continuation there is a risk of overdose if you take the previous high dose.

    The reverse tolerance is not magic and your tolerance will go back to where it is now VERY fast. That so called person may have been off opiates of how long? a year, 2, 3?? problem with hear say is you do not know the facts.

    Bupe for pain is NOT a good choice in my opinion and ALL the people *I* have met who tried it. That's a good amount.

    When you first take bupe it can be quite amazing.. but just like full agonist opiates it looses it's magic and then you have to deal with it not "working" but unlike full agonist opiates more does nothing. You are stuck no more therapeutic effect but addicted ... It;s effect ceiling is quite low AND does not go up with dose, but it's dependency level increases proportionally to it's dose. (this is key, and a huge reason NOT to use it for pain control)

    It has close to a zero OD risk and is one reason it is being "pushed" along with being a cash cow.

    Try it .. but be forewarned.

    Been there, done that, wore out the tee shirt.

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    I had surgery 4 months after I quit Sub. a few days prior to that, I took one Vicodin 5/500 & I was wrecked & fell asleep within an hour. That NEVER happened to me in a long time. I used to eat a ton of vics & percs at once, just to get the energy to start my day. Anyway, I guess my opiate tolerance was back to a normal persons after 4 months opiate-free.

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