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    Default Saliva/Mouth swab drug test

    Hi Everyone

    Ive been on sub a few months and am now goin through reduction.

    I just took a new job and have found that i have to take a saliva drug test and a medical.

    Does anyone know if sub will show up.

    Also does anyone know how long drugs (anykind) stay in your Saliva.

    p.s ive read the other drug test post, but are thinking more specifcaly saliva)

    I had a smoke of cannabis a month ago.

    I know this can stay in urine and hair a while, but have heard blood and saliva are different.

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    THC is Fat Soluble. It can stay a LONG time. If it's a government job the testing may be more extensive and expensive depending on the job... I doubt a regular job would get that level of testing.. Usually a saliva swab is for nicotine, or DNA usually one specific test per swab.

    They can test for sub if they want.

    Search the web for drug testing not really the role of this forum.

    If it is a $5000 test or a $25 test ... well you get my drift.

    Good luck on the job!

    Been there, done that, wore out the tee shirt.

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