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    "Get them on a high dose of Suboxone and they won't be craving to shoot nothing.


    Actually this is BS.... Look at the Buprenex "addicts" Plenty out there. Many have tried over and over to get a bupe kick/buzz/rush what ever or just a little more opiate "buzz" from the buprenex bu trying the IV route.

    3 cc's a day is the normal dose... some got as high as 6 cc's a day (6 Ampules)

    Even at that high dose people have tried using a 1 CC IV to get a lift at the end of the day .. or what ever the addict in them is trying to do.

    If you are not dependent on bup a shot of bupe will floor you. Most report similar to a speedy morphine like high.

    But for those who are dependent and have developed a tolerance and are at close to the max dose an extra amp taken IV really does nothing much.. Maybe a wicked head ache... or the too much bupe syndrome, where all you can do is lay on the floor wishing the bupe would clear so you can get rid of the severe headache and irritated "antagonist" feeling.

    If you are at a 3 amp a day dose and stable .. if you first dose of the day is taken IV it is kinda an unpleasant mini "rush" of sorts. Most find it unpleasant. *I* sure did! Some times IM I would hit a vein. Bupe does not "hit" you it still takes a while to come to it's full force.

    Many of us early buperenex users have tried it by accident or on purpose but we learned it was no better than IM so WHY? It's hard enough keeping up with IM injection "sites" with 3 shots a day. No point in playing the IV game. Even IV users gave up and just used it IM as it really is better and has a better effect.

    Many of us spent YEARS playing with this drug. We all pretty much learned less was more but our addictions always made us try a "little" more... so keeping at 3 amps a day became hard... ESPECIALLY if you up regulate to a higher dose! then you are screwed.

    Now the low more effective doses do not have the same effect until you down regulate... That takes a good month.

    If you play you pay even with bupe.

    Many times I lost count... and after a long night trying to chase a high from bupe I found out I ended up doing over 6-8 amps in a day w/o any real any more "effect" other than feeling shaky anxious and crummy. More just made you WORSE.

    Some during induction take way to much bupe and mistake too much bupe for w/o.

    Less really IS MORE!

    Shooting sub is just unhealthy. What crap are you pumping into your arm besides the bupe? Uggggg not good.

    Just some ramblings on the subject. I know many people who end up STUCK on 6 amps a day and can not get off. Many years of trying over and over... Some accept it for life and struggle to keep a "source" for their Buprenex. Some even having to do things they would normally NOT do to keep their supply going.

    Buprenex is big in FLA.

    SOoooooooo bottom line your statement is BS!

    Many on sub continue their addictive behaviors. It IS an opiate ;) How much is "enough" how much is too much? What's the difference between taking a HUGE dose a day of bupe or a large dose of morphine, Mdone, or bupe? Once dependent and tolerant the days of getting "high" are pretty much over and it's a struggle to just be "normal". A bupe addict is just as addicted as a morphine addict. It's society and laws that separate them. Bupe is not the best maintenance drug for an opiate addict. the end game is there with bupe too.

    Just my $.02

    Been there, done that, wore out the tee shirt.

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    quote:Originally posted by submaster1

    Get them on a high dose of Suboxone and they won't be craving to shoot nothing.

    Oh, Lord have mercy....once again. :(

    There is no *magic bullet* for what ails us. Science may one day accomplish this, but it hasn't done so yet.

    Arlene F.
    EXODUS FROM MMT;12-25-02
    "There is no easier, softer way - if nothing changes, nothing changes"

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    Are you really serious submaster?!?!
    Just increase the dose .... is that what you really think is a helpful solution?!?!

    Out of curiousity ..... how much Sub do you currently take?, how long have you been on it?, what, how much and how long were you using prior to the Sub?, other than Sub, what are you doing for recovery?

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    I'm in the process of kicking H right now. I've been taking methadone for the past 2 days and i have suboxone also, but i havent taken that yet. Some one told me that you can boot suboxone and the H addict in me really wants to do it. But with the methadone in my system will that cause the rapid withdrawls? This is the hardest thing to do, i just want to say (**) it. If anyone has any advice, please respond.


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    Suboxone has nalaxone in it which is an "opiate blocker." It specifically included in Suboxone to PREVENT people from injecting it. It would likely be a hellride with immediate withdrawal symptoms...

    Stay safe!

    "The greatest derangement of the mind is to believe something because one wishes it to be so."
    ~Louis Pasteur

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    Good job for asking FIRST. (Something that doesn't come easy for us)

    Pretty much ditto what's already been stated in this thread. BTW, dunno how you found this thread, but I'm sure glad you did! There are not many coincidences in this world, don'tcha know...


    </center><center>It takes what it takes

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    I have a friend that was shooting buprenorphine he was getting in vials from Fla. And I mean by the CASE! Bup is used in hospitals to help put you out and also for pain. He shot a lot of that bup and he said it got him high. But he also traded it for a HUGE h habit.(he got stopped many years ago with 500 bags that were PERSONAL! Paid the judge $27,000 to get off. Yes hes super rich) And he stopped the H and got bad on bup. But he went into a major psychosis from it! I"ve NEVER heard of an opiate addict going into psychosis from doing a opiate. His brother found him in his front yard waiting for the President to come down the street to meet him. Totally out of it, thats what the bup did to him. He was in the psych ward in psychosis for 2 weeks! They didn't know if was going to come out of it. Thats what this drug can do to you if you take enough of it. Scary.
    Today he is 3 yrs clean, nothing in his system and hes working on being a drug counselor! This goes to show that with working a program, you can have a normal, fairly normal anyway, life. We dont' need sub, like many docs are saying now, to have a normal life. This is the biggest new lie out that right now. That a opiate addict will NEVER feel normal unless they are on sub. Had 7 1/2 yrs totally clean before I got on narcs for MAJOR migraines and then detoxed with sub. Got to tell ya, I wished that I had detoxed the old fashioned way instead of taking the easier softer way.

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