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    Default Newbie looking for help :Adderall XR and Sub

    I did as much research as I could and was unable to find any complications due to taking both. I am about ready to make the plunge anyway, down to .25-.5 mg/d. Just curious, don't want to make the jump harder, you know.

    Also, I have been alternating Ambien, .5mg Xanax, and a little pot to sleep. I have a extremely stressful job and don't really drink. I do sometime skip days also. Is this a safe manner??

    BTW, this site saves people more than anyone realizes!!! Most docs know less than I/we do now through experience.

    Thanks in advance, you guys are like family for me in a way, b/c I haven't told my family about my >1 yr oxy habit 40-80 mg. It would break my mom/dad's heart, my mom especially. She has a host of chronic illneses and has gone through cancer treatment. She is perscribed oxy's (300 10's at a time), that's where my problem started. Hence my delemma in telling them. I have always been a good kid. graduated from USC with a business degree and have a welll paying job. I just really have never experienced a struggle like this before. I am constantly on this site, for it gives me hope for the future.

    This is my third try since I started sub in march, didn't find this site until about a month ago. This is the last few days of the 21 day taper for me after being on in off and on since march.

    Sorry, for the long post, but like everyone else I am searching for my soul.

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    Dear ATS ~

    You said you are searching for your soul and I do believe that you will find it. Just stick close by and keep being honest with the folks here and you'll in return get honest, real, sound advice.

    There are some great threads regarding Sub detox/tapers. Some that come to mind are those written by John66 and ivdoneitall. You can look up those members and see different ways that we've each gone about in trying to get off of Sub.

    Research it thoroughly and take in as much as you need, discard the rest. If you have questions, ask. Speaking of which, the Sticky thread by HRatchett comes to mind, it's called Sub Q & A I believe.
    Filled with good information for you at this point.

    Just keep taking your taper slowly and you will eventually, sooner than you realize reach your goal. However, I would like to stress to you that at this point in the game, it will become MUCH more of a mind over matter situation. And since your mind has been so terribly polluted these last few months (still packing it full of a partial opiod) that you get some real counseling lined up, possibly some aa/na meetings or some group meetings that you could attend. You can even do na/aa online now! So no one has to know! Once you get yourself straightened out, then you can worry about whether or not to tell your mom/dad/family/friends about your addiction. Those answers will come with time and they will work themselves out with time and healing. But you've got to make the commitment to yourself that this is your final time playing the tape through to the end. You're done using, you're done suffering, you're ready to have YOUR life back.

    This board isn't going anywhere and I'm sure some others will respond shortly. Lots of folks here rooting for you to make it through the taper, so keep us posted ok?

    Hugs and prayers,

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