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    Default Switching from Methadone to Suboxone

    Hi everyone. My name is Lisa and I'm new to this forum. I've been on Methadone maintenance for nearly 3 years now and I am SICK SICK SICK of going to that damn clinic! I hate it there. Here's the story. My husband and I both go to the clinic. It costs us $800.00 a month. Every once in a while we come up short at the end of the week and have to charge an extra day or two until payday, and our clinic director treats us like children when we have to ask for an extension and completely HUMILIATES us. I hate it! So, after speaking with my counselor and getting down to 30mgs/day I am ready to start on Suboxone. I've read a lot about it and it seems a lot easier to get off of than Methadone. I have tried to get off Methadone at the clinic by tapering and when I'd get down to about 10-15mgs I'd get real sick. Can anyone help me? Anyone know what I'm going through? Anybody taper off Suboxone successfully? What should I expect when I change over?

    I'd appreciate any help. Thanks

    Lisa B.
    Lisa B.

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    Hi, misslisawv

    I normally took morphine, but recently i was put on methadone a few days 25mg, then jumped to soboxone, be very careful when you do this, meth stays in your system a long time, you need to be in very moderate w/d's when you start subox. of course i only have my experience as a guidline, i was induced a 4:00pm friday, loast meth dose at 7:00am thurday, big mistake, i was in severe w/d's until 5:00am this morning and i am still not at 100%, maybe only 65% right now. it takes a while for the body to adjust. i heard it is much easier to jump on soboxone from somehting like hydros. take care. i only went to a clinic for three days, but it sucked having to go there before work every morning. i hope you make the jump soon, take care.

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