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    Default Requip Rx for Detox RLS Experience

    Day 19 off sub. It amazingly does get better. I don't know how, it's so incremental at times that even my individual breaths last a lifetime. But here's my experience with an Rx med called Requip for Restless Leg Syndrome that I thought might help me through this detox at home.
    I took the lowest dose last night at 4PM and by 5PM noticed a significant decrease in my muscle spasticity, including my arms, legs and toes.

    Prior to last night, I had only managed 20 minutes of blackout unconsciousness every 12 hours, so I haven't been driving. Last night I managed 3 straight hours sleep and then another hour at 4AM then another hour at 8AM and here I am eating eggs.

    Possible side effects include headache, and I had a corker at 2AM. Don't know if it was Requp related.

    Since we're all experiencing an intense and body wide dopaminergic reaction to the loss of buprenorphine, I thought I'd recommend this medication only for those that have had a previous problem with RLS (often opiates are prescribed for RLS, leading to habituation) or just for the temporary RLS due to detox.

    The creepy crawly feeling is totally gone, even this morning. I certainly hope things continue to look up from here.

    Question for folks: are the dark early morning hours usually the most difficult? I find it so hard to be awake and feel so alone though my house is full of sleeping family. Dare I hope that this is the start of the long climb up instead of the horrifying descent down?

    I'm too fragile to hope at the moment.

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    Keep us informed on the Requip Med sounds promising ! Great news you got some sleep yea! I can totally relate to the Morning hours , thats why I usually try to sleep thru them but I think it can be overcome with meditation and finding something to do to occupy yourself or excercise LOL !

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    You are 19 days past Sub, well 21 now hopefully, and I Think you should be SO very proud that you HAVE made it! You're on the uphill climb and should be full of every hope and joy that you can dream. You have been strong enough to come this far and have worked so hard for these moments...please dont be afraid to hope. I used my early morning waking hours to read my Bible and for me, that gave me the strength to get through my weaker moments of that day. One day at a time, keep your hope alive and you'll be alright.

    God bless you and keep you,

    You're Worth It!

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