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    Default does suboxone containe opiates?

    Quick question. My boyfriend claims he didnt use heroin today, but he shows every sign of using, no color in the face, slurred speach, tiny pupils. He claimed he took suboxone and that is why he looks like this. I am about to adminster him a drug test and am wondering if anyone knows if suboxone will show up as an opiate. Also does suboxone have the same effects as heroin? Thankyou.

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    I'm sorry you're going thru this.
    Suboxone will not show up on a drug test, so if it's positive, it's something else.

    If a known drug addict shows signs of opiate intoxication, it's probably opiate intoxication.

    Check out Suboxone at , it certainly would be a good first step. Have him come here if you think we can help?
    You could delete your post if you so chose, so don't worry about that. I wish you the best...Mic

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    Did he just start taking sub?? For some people they look and or feel like they are intoxicated when they are adjusting to the new meds~

    And yes sub contains opiates...but also has an opiate blocker in it.

    Mic has a good point, if he wants to get clean and is on sub; maybe we can help him here...

    Try to be strong,

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    I was slurring my words, falling asleep in the middle of anything (nodding out), saying everything backwords, could not walk straight for the first week when I was on sub. Then one day I felt like I woke up from a coma. I was normal.
    So D has a very valid point.
    Also Mic's advise is perfect as always. Have him come here.

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    Bunny, the only thing that i worry about is the tiny pupils and also what mic said...I know that when i had a girlfriend she could tell EVERY TIME when i matter if i had just used one balloon or 6...when you have a partnership like that you are so used to being so close and noticing everything that you love about this person, then when they use all of that goes away, or fades (unless you started dating when he already had a habit). My guess is (since it has been a couple of days) that he failed the test, not to be pescimistic...but go with your gut. Also, remember that using is using, no matter what you use. If he isnt prescribed suboxone then he is still partaking in an illegal practice and getting high. Tell him thats not OK with you, or else he will use that to his advantage and tell you everytime he has relapsed that he "Just took too much suboxone." One more thing is that suboxone will not (often) constrict the pupils...i know every once in a blue moon when i would take too much it would do this (to the slightest degree) to me. But if they are constricted to pins it isnt the suboxone.

    -John R.

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    Bunny...He used Dope...not doubt about it...Subonone makes youy have a functionaly hign and gives you lots of energy at first, You feel great and you are able to fuction very well....Dont by the bull****..He did dope..Get him to go to a meeting or go to Alanon. Suboxone has a synthic opiate thta will not make you node off or look high...Dont by the bull****...godd luck!!

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