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    Default Southeast Asia - Bringing Subutex to Thailand??

    Im new here and not sure if this is the place to post this. I recently was switched from Suboxone to Subutex. i'm flying to beijing from California in May and spending the night then taking a flight to Bangkok the next morning. I've went over the controlled drugs list of Thailand thanks to Methadone: Worldwide Travel Guide

    Here is the link to Thailand: Thailand

    On further inspection it looks like only Methadone needs the extra permission. I'm just hoping 2 bottles will be allowed.

    I copied the doctors form but having travelled all through Mexico and Central America. I've never had a problem as long as my prescription and name is labelled on the bottle. Plus, while Methadone is on the Thai list of drugs needing approval to bring in country, Buprenorphine isn't on the list. As close I see is the name "Methadone lntermediate". I don't know what that means but it dosn't sound like Subutex would fit the bill. I've flown into counties like Honduras that also requires a special permit to bring Methadone but they never looked twice at my 3 bottles of suboxone. I plan to bring 2 bottles in case I stay longer but I can live with 1 since i'm prescribed 3 pills per day. I can easily take less. I also plan to travel overland by bus or train to Laos, Cambodia, and possibly Vietnam.

    If anyone can give advice on successfully bringing Prescription Subutex into (BKK) Bangkok Airport and successfully passing customs would have my unending gratitude.



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    Default Re: Southeast Asia - Bringing Subutex to Thailand??

    Hi Mike,

    Welcome the forum. I know you are new here and let me point out the mission of this forum. It is to help with opiate detox and recovery. We don't feel that threads about continuing opiate abuse (which long term Suboxone maintenance is) are appropriate here. Your post isn't in the spirit of this mission and this forum just isn't the place for it.

    Might I suggest you pose your question on the following forum. They are all for continued drug abuse and have a very large international membership so I think you can probably find out what you need there.



    Not closing this thread in judgement of opiate abuse, this just isn't the right forum for your question.
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