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Thread: 25 days personal detox (suboxone) experience....

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    Lightbulb 25 days personal detox (suboxone) experience....

    Well, I'm new posting here, but beings I scoured the internet and sites like this in desperation for months before I was able to ask for help, I'd like to share my experience for anyone out there that is stuck like I was. I'm posting for no other reason but to help provide some of my experience to those in need or scared, etc. Again, this is simply my individual experience and thoughts based on that experience.

    First, I'm an addict and I was hooked on approx. 40mgs of Percocet daily for roughly 2-3 years. It all began as a result of legitimate pain, interesting doctors, and much stupidity on my part. I guess the only other background worth noting is that I never really enjoyed much of the time I was addicted, while the high would numb emotions I didn't want to feel, I wanted help for at least half the time I was addicted. I'm not sure if that's how everyone feels, but I mention it only because my desire for help for so long has made my recovery much easier thus far.

    As of today, I'm off percocets for 29days, and suboxone for 25 days. And I'll be honest, I STILL don't physically feel that great. It's not easy at times but it is absolutely better to deal with aches and pains then to spend my entire day figuring out how I can obtain pills or living the miserable existance I did for so long. Recovery is slow, so I've learned, and this is probably why people fail so I feel being honest is the best way I can potentially help someone out there.

    So I began this process by trying to go to rehab to at least detox, turns out that alone is "iffy" dependent on your insurance if you'd actually like to stay at a facility, so I tied the insurance companies hands by a) showing up when withdrawal had begun & b) going the eve of a holiday knowing they couldn't send me away when no doctors offices would be open the following day. That worked to get me 5 days to detox at a facility, I'll gladly took it and was put on a 8mg, 6mg, 4mg, 2mg suboxone tapering program while I was there. My thoughts on this are that it was great to not feel horrible, but bad that it just prolonged the withdrawal and I personally would have preferred to bypass the suboxone if they actually informed me of anything that would occur after the last dose. I nearly harassed the medical staff about how I'd feel after that 5th day, and doctors and about 9 nurses said, "just some aches & pains", do not believe this at all if you're in this situation.

    My feeling is that if I'm under direct supervision of a medical team, I would have preferred to feel like I was dying there without suboxone, rather then come off it on my way home scheduled to return to work the next day. I understand other drugs, higher doses, etc. that may not be realistic, to each his own. But when you come off the suboxone it is hell, I don't care what any doctor tells you otherwise and I can only imagine if you take it longer then 5 days that'd be even worse to come off of. Now All this being said, there is one positive I can definitely see with short-term suboxone therapy like my own experience, that being the transition and the break in your drug abuse cycle, this alone may make this option beneficial to many people. I mean if you're on drug X for 5 years, not taking drug X for a week and seeing you didn't die has to provide some type of hope, consciously or not, I think.

    In the end all that really matters is I have not had to rely on any type of drug for 25 days and I'm grateful for that. I can't say how or if Suboxone helped me, but I feel as if in hindsight I would have attempted to not take it. My personal opinion for anyone in my situation would be that I can not view long-term sub use as a good thing, I felt high and strange when I was on it, regardless of the dosage.
    The most important thing people need to know is you ain't going to be feeling very good coming off it, I can tell you that much. Each week it gets better, but even 19 days out I had a horrible day with anxiety & muscle aches (slept maybe 2hrs) after feeling slightly better for 4-5 days straight.

    Recovery is slow no matter how you want to go about it, don't let anyone else convince you otherwise. I'm by no means an expert, but at this moment I wouldn't look twice at a pill if dumped 100 of them in front of me and left the room. And if I can feel that strongly after being nearly suicidal 40 days ago, well call me naive but I cant help but think if you put in the work, dedicate yourself to the idea & image of the life you can have once clean, anyone can succeed in recovery. Good luck to anyone out there struggling.
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    Default Re: 25 days personal detox (suboxone) experience....

    Thank you for posting this I have been on this forum a few days now but have been reading off here for a long time. I was addicted to hydrocodone for 4 Years then I went to a 30day rehab that did suboxone maintenance and was told by the doctor there that due to my history I should be on suboxone "in definetly" and I went in rehab addicted to hydros and came out addicted to suboxone so basically just a waste of time.. Anyhow I'm only 19 and have been on about 8-16 mg a day for a year till recently I've just had enough so am tapering I went from 16mg to 6mg fairly quick and am going down to 5mg Thursday and will drop 1mg every thursday till I get down to 0 then I'll be completely off everything I have a thread where I'll be posting my experiences thru out I'll be reading urs too thanks for the info and good luck

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    Default Re: 25 days personal detox (suboxone) experience....

    Awesome post and story, Bearwolf! Thanks for sharing it. People suffering from addiction to any opiate need to hear what you have to say. Our daughter desperately sought a detox that would NOT put her on sub or methadone. Two different facilities Lied to her after the intake and admitting process was complete. The first facility told her she must use sub as maintenance and, by the way, she must quit smoking CT at the same time. The other facility intake counselor also lied to her and told her they would not offer anything but comfort meds unless she specifically asked for it. Once checked in and in her room the doc came in and without any conversation told her that the only thing he would give her was methadone and left the ward, which was staffed with people who hardly spoke English. In 30 hours they ramped her dose up very high. When she decided to get out of there and the other patients asked her why she was leaving, she found most of them had no idea of what methadone would do to them or how hard it was to get off. No one at the facility told them anything about the drug. I think it's a sad, sad thing that the medical community knows almost nothing about maintenance drugs or addiction, for that matter. What happened to the patients bill of rights and first do no harm?? Who knows, but I'm glad you have found your way through and are on a path to stay sober. Hope you have support to maintain a drug free life. Sending my best wishes for your success.

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    Default Re: 25 days personal detox (suboxone) experience....

    how was it going from the 3day on??? I am feeling crapy and see doctor tomorrow how ever I have pills left suboxone I just don't want to start all over and thing help???

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    Default Re: 25 days personal detox (suboxone) experience....

    Quote Originally Posted by crystal82dawn View Post
    how was it going from the 3day on??? I am feeling crapy and see doctor tomorrow how ever I have pills left suboxone I just don't want to start all over and thing help???
    Are you saying your now 3 days from last dose of sub??? If so congrats!!!!
    Day three... Wd may not have even began pending on the doses you were on and the dose you jump from. I jump from about . 125 and on that dose for at least two weeks. My true wd still didn't start till day three and peaked at about day 8-12.

    Going back to sub your only putting off the enviable unless you just say on it or life. Not a drug that your body will accept for life w/o great changes taken place. What happens eventually will be severe depression, severe anxiety, visual changes, the list goes on.

    Sub being very an made and tinkered with you brain receptors were not built to accept it. It's a partial agonist and your mu/kappa and other receptors were built for a full agonist. Something has to give and I fear it our own body. Sub is like taken a round peg and making it fit in a square hole with a sledge hammer.

    If your goal is to free yourself many here have done so, will support you, give suggestion from experience. I was lucky enough to get off after 6 or so months. Still suffered for 8 months till I folded but free today of all opiates for three yrs. I now can say and have for a long time now that I have healed from the damage that drug did. Read around, read the stickies. Much to help you get they it.

    Good luck...start your own thread, use it as a log. I did and if ever I hear that little voice (nearly dead now) say...." come on, one more time for old time sake" I will read my thread. Cleans that thought right out of my head.
    omission is not honesty, only a different way of lying.

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    Default Re: 25 days personal detox (suboxone) experience....

    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. I too have been clean for 23 days and still feeling the effects of the withdrawl. I wake up every morning and think is this the day that I will be normal.... My anxiety is slightly there still but it does get better music and dancing is my key to getting better again thank you and congradulation on your recovery

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