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    Default I think I may have started on Suboxone too soon.....PLEASE HELP!!!

    PLEASE tell me what my options are if I took Suboxone and still feel really sick. My guess is that I took it too soon.

    Ok so a little history about my addiction. I've been an addict on and off since high school (approx 10 yrs ago). Most recently, I've been addicted to opiates pretty much consistently for the past year. It started with Oxycontin AND Oxycodone. Then the Oxycontin quickly became hard to get in a form where I could crush it, so the addiction moved to full-time Oxycodone.

    After a full winter and spring of that, I decided to cut my physical dependence and got suboxone on the street (and from a friend). I got the 8mg strips btw. I started it while I was at a music festival. At the time my habbit was about 3-4 30mg OR 5-6 15mg Oxycodone per day (and my days are long...not much of a sleeper). I researched and was told that taking suboxone too soon might throw you into even worse withdrawls so I was scared as hell. But my friend, who had recently been in rehab and had taken his first dose of subs at around 4 or 5 pm after taking his last dose of oxys @ around 11am or 12pm, said to just do it when i started to complain at the early stages of withdrawl (discomfort, anxiety, slightly achey, mild chills, yawns, watery eyes, runny nose...that kind of thing..). So I did....I cut an 8mg strip in half and placed it under my tongue after having taken my last dose of opiates only about 8-12 hours earlier. within minutes I was feeling great. It was amazing. I was convinced it was a miracle drug. I took a half of an 8mg every morning and every night for 5 days and I was completely fine - never any withdrawl symptoms. and when i went off the subs I was fine too. didn't need anything.

    But life is life and soon I was back on Oxycodone, quickly getting my habit back up to where it was before.

    Then the $ started running out and I started taking heroin more (never shooting it btw...this had been my drug of choice in highschool). But I still took Oxycodone whenever I could get my hands on it. So where I am now...until about 36 hours habit was 5-7 bags of heroin per day and if possible, also 3-5 30mg Oxycodones. I honestly wasn't getting high from all this (I mean I might start nodding if I was by myself watching TV at 4am and towards the end my body started to suffer and I was tired all the time and sometimes dizzy...but I honestly could walk around just fine and not appear messed one knows about me except a precious few so I guess I hide it pretty well since I'm not exactly surrounded by saints if u know what I the point of me telling you that is that my tolerance was pretty high…if that makes a difference…) I was just doing it to keep from getting sick (and the habit...the ritual....u know...). Also it should be noted that in the past, when I was sick, all I ever needed to feel normal again was one 30mg oxy or 1-2 bags of heroin.

    SO….I started running out of stuff yesterday. I had already planned to start on subs very soon and now seemed like the perfect time since my dealer was out of town and my options for copping were limited. I took my last dose at around 5 or 6am (half a 30mg oxy….but there were several more doses throughout the night). Around 2 pm today I started to feel the pain (runny nose, sneezes, yawns, achey, chills, general flu-like feeling…). Since I had been successful before (taking my first dose only 8-12 hrs after my last opiate dose) and since the only that I had waited for the last time was to start to feel the withdrawls and that seemed to work, I figured I would be fine. But I was immediately thrown into much worse withdrawls. I mean it could still be worse (I’m not vomiting and I don’t have diarrhea) but it’s still very painful…and I’m not one to complain when it really isn’t that bad. The horror lasted a few hours and then I felt ever so slightly better….but I didn’t realize that I may have put myself into precipitated withdrawls b/c I figured it just took that long to kick in. I took another half and it pretty much went right back to feeling real ****ty. I thought maybe since I had started doing dope too that maybe I needed a larger dosage so I took one more half and no change. Still feel awful.

    Now I’m starting to realize that I may have taken it too soon (please spare me the lecture on venturing out onto roads in which I’m not fully educated about….I’m already kicking myself….in more ways than one...) and that perhaps it has something to do with the fact that maybe the heroin had something else in it and maybe I should have waited longer than I did last time.

    Doctor/Rehab/Talking to family is not an option. Just trust me its not. So what are my options for feeling better? Because in the last 12 hours it has come to my attention that this may not be the best few days to be incapacitated and right now I feel like I'm dying (in fact I'm amazed I was able to type all this without passing out...). What, if anything, can I do? Because if I’m not feeling at least a LITTLE better by tomorrow I’m going to want to try SOMEthing to make me feel better…

    I’ve heard that doubling your normal dose of your drug of choice will do the trick. Is this true?

    I’ve also heard that you might just wanna ride it out. If I do ride it out and still feel crappy for a couple of days, do I continue to take subs or no? If I ride it out and feel better, do I still take subs? I obviously know nothing about this and come tomorrow there’s a strong possibility that I may NEED to be on my A game. PLEASE HELP!! I’m desperate!!

    Also, just to complete my education about this….If I do turn out to be weak….how long do I have to wait after taking subs before I can “safely” start using again?

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    Default Re: I think I may have started on Suboxone too soon.....PLEASE HELP!!!

    Not sure how much helpful advice I have.. I know when I started Subs I used to do oxycontin and heroin. So when I first started I had smoked about one bag of H a day. I would usually only get high in the evenings after work, so idk exactly how much I did a day but it was about $20 worth for me. Not a ton at all, but still, I got SOOO sick when I stopped. So the last day I used was a Friday, then I tried to get connected with a Sub Dr and that took almost a week because that was when Sub drs had a limit on how many patients they could have so I was struggling finding someone! I was NOT going to start subs and not have a legit source. I didn't want to live the hell of finding my meds everyday through dealers... Anyways, I didn't start my subs until the following Wednesday or Thursday. So 5-6 days after my last time using. It worked oerfect for me. Well actually I remember while I was first getting used to the subs they would seriously get me high. My dr had me start on 8mg a day and holy **** I would be pretty euphoric once I had taken that. I QUICKLY moved down to a much lower dose.. 4 mg I think. I think people take WAY too high of doses than they actually need. Not necessary their fault, mostly the drs. So I'll stop rambling... If I was you I would call your DR.. unless you get these on the street too. Either way, you can still call someone about it and see what steps you need to take now. My only guess is keep taking it, not more than the 8mg a day though. Don't just take more and more of the strip until you feel right... I am sure within a few days you will get adjusted...

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    Default Re: I think I may have started on Suboxone too soon.....PLEASE HELP!!!


    Hi and welcome to the board!

    I'd say ride it out; it will get better in a day or two. You can continue with the subs, but you don't want to use them for very long - try to get stabilized, then start to taper. Use the lowest dose that makes thing tolerable for you, then start to cut back from there. DON'T keep taking more sub; when the pain starts to subside, just stay with it (whatever dose you're on). You shouldn't be dosing more than once or twice a day; if 4 mgs seems to cover you, you can split it into 2 doses of 2 mgs, but don't up it any more than you have to.

    I don't really know if taking your DOC will do anything for you, as sub pretty much just hogs all of the receptors and won't let anything else in (except fentanyl.) As to whether and when it is 'safe' to go back to your DOC, I guess that depends on what you mean by 'safe.' It won't hurt you physically, at any point as far as I know. But the instinct, of course, is to use whatever you need to feel better, so you may well end up using too much. Also, since you are trying to quit, it obviously will only hurt you there.

    What you can do is try some comfort meds - Immodium AD (which helps with more than just the runs), clonidine if you can get ahold of it you need a script, though), magnesium, and ibuprofen. Also hot baths will help with the pain.

    Do you have any kind of support or any plans to find some to help you with staying clean? Much as this sucks, it really is the easy part. There are many options for support, most of them free. NA, SMART, RR - whatever floats your boat; my personal experience is that having people I could call was sometimes the only thing that got me through. I've spent most of my life addicted, so I really had no clue about how to deal with sht when it got hard. I haven't been clean that long, but have found that it does get better with a little bit of time.

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    Default Re: I think I may have started on Suboxone too soon.....PLEASE HELP!!!

    Welcome to ODR Tany.....where are you at now, and what do you have available?
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