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    Default using morphine to detox from subutex

    Hi everyone,
    i am so glad to see this forum, since i only started bup detox on thursday morning,.
    My name is hellman, i

    I have a beautiful 10 year old boy, who i haven'y seen for 6months because of my lifestyle, and after 4 months on beautiful bup, i feel the need to stop, and get my freedom back,.

    I have been on a dose of 10mg alternate days for 4 months, prior to that I hade a fortnightly morphine addiction that went for about 6 months,.

    I guess you could say i am a newbie, but I feel a lot better now, knowong what to expect.

    Back in the old days I would take say 200mg of morphine over 2 days, then go cold turkey for the rest of the 12 days beforfe my fortnightly payday,.

    I persisted with this for a bout a year, then went to far one weekend, and couldn't bear the torture of sleep deprivattion for four days, so i got on the bup,.

    I found this system to be challenging at the best times, and manageblly miserable at the worst,.

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    Hiya Hellman!:)

    I just wanted to say hi n welcome to the forum!There's lotsa great people here to talk to n loadsa info so ask away!

    How do feel about the Morphine?Do you feel strong or do you still crave it?I would not advise using morphine to detox from your Sub AT ALL!Morphine was your Drug Of Choice n I think even if you just used it a few days it'd be enough to put you back onit.

    How bad are the WDs from the Sub?I ask cos I've been on it for 3 months too but I'm gonna be on it for at least another couple :( Do you have to work every day? I would try just get through the Sub WDs (but then again,ask me in a another couple of months!;)) rather tahn use something else to get off of something else etc!

    Hopefully someone else can give you better advise who's experienced it themselves.The great thing about this board is that there's always someone in a similar situation so you can ask anything.

    Let me know how its going anyway.Check out the Staying Clean forum too n maybe search sub detox topic?Also look out for 'Bup4pain' cos he's our resident expert!

    Pleasekeep posting,
    lol Loop:)

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    I agree with Loop. You should definatly NOT go back to morphine ever! :)

    Do you have a Dr that is working with you? You have been on it 4 months, did you just start your taper on Thursday? Well, actually you phrased it "bup detox"... What is your taper schedule like? Or did you stop cold turkey? If you taper at a smooth rate, you should be ok. But we all know from reading the stories here, Dr's do not seem to be tapering low enough.

    I hope all goes well for you!

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    with the ultra-short half-life of moriphine you would go into WDs every couple of hours!

    the BOSS

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