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    cmh, your so right about the suboxone going into your lungs! I could blow out what looked like smoke after snorting a line. I know that that pill binders are deadly if they get icumulated in your lungs. I oringinally snorted them because the taste of those pills is NASTY! I was considering switching to subutex but then I was like what the *bleep* am I doing? Mind as well do heroin and that defeated the entire purpose of taking the med in the first place.

    I was only hit by the nalaxone once maybe twice, but I was using heroin and suboxone (they say you cant but I did), was about to go out with freinds, snorted a few fat lines of orange garbage and went into withdrawl in front of friends that didnt know I used and looked like a freak.

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    Default Re: snorting the subutex

    If you think the suboxone taste nasty, wait til you try the subutex. It taste worce than aspirin and it feels like you have little pieces of chalk under tough. I take 8 mgs a day, so one and a half pills. I have to wait a couple of hrs after i wake up before I can take them...otherwise I feel like I'm going to blow chunks.

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