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    Default Best Vitamins/Supplements for heroin w/d symptoms?

    Can you all please give me some advice on what vitamins or supplements I can take to combat this depression/lethargy/RLS and discomfort that I know will be coming up soon? As for most of the physical stuff I have an idea of what to take (except for RLS), but for the mental I'm wondering what would be the best? I want to be prepared ahead of time & start taking everything now or soon. Getting off heroin and starting Suboxone in a few days. I've been reading that for the depression either Sam-E, St. Johns Wort or 5 HTP is good. For energy, I've read B-12 or L-Tyrosine is good, and for restless legs either Potassium or Zinc, maybe, I think it was. What do you all recommend? Any tricks of the trade or suggestions and input would greatly, greatly be appreciated! Please help.

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    Sounds like you have a good handle on it.
    This may help as well:

    Home Detox Plan

    BUT..if you're plan is to go to suboxone/subutex...most won't be needed till post sub jump.

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