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    Default hydrocodone after suboxone in 15 hours

    If you are in moderate to severe pain from an operation, etc., how long will it take if you have been on 2-4 mgs suboxone for a long long time, to be able to adequately get some use out of the anagelsic effects of hydrocodone?

    Is 15 hours enough for 2mgs. in suboxone to no longer counter act against the hydrocodone?

    also if in the prior 48 hours no suboxone had been taken?

    Just wanting to know if it is plausible to utilize hydro for post operative pain.

    thank you all

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    Not nearly enough time. Even a little touch of Suboxone goes a long way to blocking your receptors. My doctor says 4 days; even for low does Sub. He also says to avoid the withdrawal, to go on Vicoden during those 4 days. That's what the man said.

    Almost two months ago, I was working down from 4m to 2mg of Suboxone when I got an agonizing pain in the pit of my stomach. At 2am I ended up in the E.R. with a blocked bile duct due to gallstones. Nothing could be done for my pain... the E.R. staff started with Demerol and worked through Dilaudid... nothing but pain. I was rolled into surgery the next afternoon expecting the worse. Fortunately, the laparoscopy used now is much less painful. I survived.
    Don't go into surgery on Suboxone of any dose unless you like major pain that can't be treated. And 15 hours doesn't even begin to get the stuff out of your system.

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    I agree with OldVet, about four days seems to be the trick for hydro to breakthrough. But I didn't have any withdrawal till a week without sub. When I was taking 16 mgs of sub/day as soon as I got gout I went cold turkey off the sub and still it took about four days for double and triple doses of hydro to breakthrough. It took a full week for all the sub to get out of my system, and then regular doses of hydro worked for the goutpain. It was very easy to re-induct, because once the hydro was working, withdrawal would set in 6 to 8 hours after a hydro dose, so don't worry about that part...

    I had to do it again when I was taking 8 mgs of sub, and the decreased dose seemed to make NO difference at all. Still took about four days for hydro to work, and a full week for the sub to be totally out of my system.

    But I know a girl who was on 6 mgs of sub and got a kidney stone attack, and she said that ER doctors administered dilaudid twice before it worked. Sorry I don't know the dose of dilaudid.

    Just be careful not to OD yourself trying to get pain relief.

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    Voltaire...........ASSUMING your operation is scheduled, 3-4 days.

    But, it's important to talk with the doc B4 AND after. The hydros may not be a good option...especially post op.

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    Suboxone doesn't "block" your receptors, it just upregulates them (increases your tolerance).

    Back when I was using Sub the wrong way I figured out that I could take 2 mg of Sub in the morning, and then 90 mg of Oxycodone would work for getting off. But if I took 4 mg or more of Sub nothing worked.

    Damn I was a junkie.


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