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    Default Suboxone and Insurance

    I called ONE doctor's office about subxone and after laying out the costs, they said insurance won't cover any of it. Can anyone provide any information if any insurance will cover the costs of being prescribed suboxone? Also, is there a way I can get a regular doctor to prescribe me suboxone for sub's other uses?

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    my insurance accepted it after doing prior authorization. i have maryland physcians care (ma) to my knowledge the only doctors that can prescribe is the ones that take a 8hour seminar on subs.

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    Hi BroncFan-
    Insurance covers my appointments and my Sub. The lady up front did have to call the insurance company, but after that everything was covered. Of course it'll depend on the carrier.
    As far as your GP prescribing Sub? I don't believe they can cuz of the 30 patient rule, and the special certification that the doctor needs. Hope you get good news when you look into this. Mic

    "It takes what it takes"

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    Hi Bronco..
    There are certain DR's who accept ins. and others who don't. The certian DR i went to "Did not take insurance, cash only", but I could have waitied to get an appt. with someone who does. At that point , I didnt care.

    The medication is completely covered, my BCBS, $25.00/month. At the end of the day, just look at it as a tax writeoff?

    Good luck!

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