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    Default Possible to heal liver/kidney damage?

    I posted this under the "help please" thread but I thought it might be better answered if I started a new topic on it.

    Does anyone know if it's possible FOR your liver and/or kidneys (sp?)to heal themselves if you stop putting excess drugs in your body, or is it that once the damage is done you are screwed? I'm really worried now about what I've done to myself. I know I've read posts about how our brain receptors or related things like that eventually do heal over time, but haven't read anything yet on this topic. I guess I'm mainly thinking about liver, since we have 2 kidneys maybe we can afford to lose one... (I only say both because my mom - a nurse - always told me different medication types are processed through one or the other, though I'm mainly worried about my liver.)

    Thanks for any information, good or bad!

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    I just saw this. Yes, your liver will begin to heal itself once you stop poisoning it. Unless you have an underlying liver disease.

    You should have a physical with routine blood tests, as long as your liver enzymes are normal, you probably have nothing to worry about. Of course, discuss w your doctor!!

    Tylenol and narcotic pain meds are generally processed thru the liver. Although I have heard that Advil can be hard on the kidneys, too. (as well as the liver) I'm no expert though.

    Now that you are off the drugs, it's time for a check up, eh?

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    Yes, thank you for answering that!

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    J. two years ago I tested positive for both hep-B and hep-C. That was in follow up after my use of (at that time) mainly alcohol and methamphetamine abuse. Except for a couple short slips, I've not used either of those since. I was tested again just this past June, and I tested negative for both, also my creatin (Spelling?) whitch is an indicaton on kidney function was within normal, healthy limits. Believe it or not, all this healing took place while I was still taking and abusing prescribed narc pain meds. One warning. Limit your intake of Tylonol, it can cause liver damage if taken to excess. Just wanted to answer your question, plus share some good news I got this year. Also, finally, I had the guts to have an HIV test. After years of IV drug use, even sharing needles (any adict will share in a pinch, no matter what they say.), and of course uswise sexual encounters, I was pretty worried. Guess What? I'm HIV NEGATIVE. I've heard people say drunks and addicts have guardian angels. Maybe we do. Have a great day. Mike.

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